As an extension of DNA Presents, the DNA DJ Academy is proudly supported by one of the most renowned event companies in the Nation’s Capital!
That backing enables DNA DJ Academy to offer its students performance opportunities at some of the largest venues and events in town. This once-in-a-lifetime experience can only be made possible with DNA DJ Academy!
We understand the importance of being proficient on the same equipment used in clubs and events by Professional DJs all around the world! This is why our classes are held in a club environment and equipped with state of the art equipment (Pioneers).
Our highly skilled, professional and experienced instructors are among the best Canada has to offer. Each have performed as professional DJs in some of the most reputable and diverse venues around the globe.
The framework for our comprehensive theory and practical based-programs, cover the fundamental required skill sets to be a successful DJ. Additionally, our programs offer lessons on a variety of aptitudes required to shine and excel in this innovative and artistic industry!
At DNA DJ Academy we share your passion for music and your success translates into ours as well. We are here to help you get to the top!
Let us guide you in the right direction and the rest is history!


Frederic Sharp
Mister Parker
Mister Parker
Guest Instructor
DNA DJ ACADEMY is exactly what ottawa needs. This school teaches you all you need to know to throw down a killer set and make your name known around the city.


Our extensive theory and practical based-programs cover the wide range of skills required to be a successful professional DJ. These techniques include: fundamental music theory; mixing techniques; marketing, bookings and communications strategies; music selection; and other skills which are essential to sustaining a strong reputation as a pronounced DJ.
Our classes are stocked with the most frequently used DJ equipment at events and clubs all around the world (Pioneer CDJs and Mixers). At DNA DJ Academy we have designed our programs to provide students with proficiency on these equipment so they are confident to perform no matter where they go!
Our programs are tailored to guide a beginner level DJ all the way to the main stage! Our highly skilled, professional and experienced instructors make this journey exhilarating and pleasant. At DNA DJ Academy we understand the value of live performance in DJ’s careers, this is why we provide our students with performance opportunities as a part of each level.
Pair all of this with celebrity visiting instructors and you have found yourself one of the best DJ academies in the country!

Fundamental Music Theory, Mixing and Style

4 equal payments of
  • This level focuses on fundamental music theory, technical mixing techniques and steers you onto the right path in developing your own unique and individual style!

Fine Tuning your Sound and Secure Bookings

4 equal payments of
  • This level focuses on getting you booked at local venues and scheduled to warm up the crowd at those big-name artists you have always dreamed of sharing the stage with!

DNA DJ CIRCLE - Ottawa’s Network of DJ Excellence

4 equal payments of
  • The DNA DJ Circle is a network gathering of our finest graduates. This network of excellence provides access to resident opportunities to spin on the main stage at big events in the Nation’s Capital, sharing of industry best practices and much more!

DNA DJ Academy